Event fundraising

Mauchline Holy Fair raises funds in hopes of event return

The organizers behind Mauchline Holy Fair have been busy raising funds and handing out special prizes to members of the community as they eagerly await to see if the event takes place this year.

Following the emergence of Omicron, the committee is hopeful that plans for their May day of entertainment will not be dashed and continue while waiting to work with local stores and keep the momentum going as the event unfolds. will hopefully unfold.

Hazel Cousar of Mauchline was one of the winners lucky enough to afford a basket full of goodies with Fraser McDonald of Cumnock taking home £ 100.

Margaret Paton, Head of Fundraising, said: “We always struggle to fundraise for Holy Fair so we launched a few initiatives including a raffle and a fabulous basket with which we went above and beyond. . La Coop also contributed.

“Everything is slow. We are just waiting for news from East Ayrshire Council to see if they will approve the Holy Fair in the future. We hope this will happen in some sort of format. The committee wants it to operate as it normally does. It is normally a very good day and the village is in turmoil. The attendance that we have is generally between 12 and 14.00.

“We should find out by the end of this month.”