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Mineral County Miner | It’s officially the Outcalt event and conference at the SLV Ski Hi Resort

MONTE VISTA – The Friends of Ski Hi and the Town of Monte Vista have announced that the new facility on the east side of town is officially the Outcalt event and conference at the SLV Ski Hi complex.

The news came from the town of Monte Vista on the eve of the 40th Annual Southern Rocky Mountain Agricultural Conference and Show, which will be the first official event held in the new building.

“The vision for this new facility has been in the works for many years, and the time has come over the past two years to make it a reality,” said Karla Shriver, Co-Chair of Friends of Ski Hi. “It’s amazing how the entire San Luis Valley community has come together to make this happen along with several other funders including foundations, local governments, and DOLA. This is a facility that will be there for years to come. The friends would like to thank all of ALCON and all the contractors who worked on it. It really is teamwork. »

The people who chose the name wanted to celebrate the building’s history and keep Ski Hi in the name, according to the City of Monte Vista.

The large charitable donation of the Ralph Outcalt Foundation justified its name in the foreground. Additionally, the complex has been promoted as a regional facility and has received regional support from many donors, so the addition of SLV (San Luis Valley) will encompass everyone who uses the facility.

The building was a need for the area for years and has gained momentum in recent years as fundraising for the multi-million dollar project began in earnest under the leadership of the Friends of Ski Hi.

“The vision behind the new Ski Hi building was there for a very long time,” said Shriver in a previous interview, president of Friends of Ski Hi. “This idea was there from 2006, 2007, the only thing that wasn’t there was the financing. Funding really came from grants and donations and community involvement; it really took off from there.

On September 4, 2019, Friends of Ski Hi Park presented the idea and preliminary design to City Council for a Ski Hi multi-purpose building and other modifications to the Ski Hi resort in Monte Vista.

In 2020, the Friends of Ski Hi, along with the City of Monte Vista and Alcon Construction, officially announced that the building for the Ski Hi complex had been commissioned. The $8 million project kicked off in 2020 with a local giving campaign earlier this year. In a few months, more than $772,000 was raised by the community to finance the project.

The complete demolition of the Ski Hi complex began and was completed in July 2020 and the new steel frame of the new building was assembled in January 2021.

The 54,743 square foot building has two large, carpeted conference rooms. One can be divided into three smaller rooms and the event center. A heated catering kitchen is also available if food is needed or sold at an event.

Monte Vista Mayor Dale Becker said, “This is an important milestone for our community. The building is available for all kinds of celebrations and events. The community should be very proud of what has been achieved and what will be used in the years to come.

The SLV community is invited to the grand opening on February 25 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. with commentary at 5:30 p.m.