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M’sian Event Company insults a potential customer simply for indicating the preferred location as “anywhere”

With event companies getting back on their feet after the shutdowns, these businesses would scramble to win customers to help with their economic recovery.

Unfortunately, for an event company, they lost a client due to the rudeness of their owner.

Sarah (name changed for privacy reasons), who works for a biopharmaceutical company, shared with WORLD OF BUZZ that one of his bosses was interested in hosting a team building session for their company and contacted a local event company to coordinate the exercise.

Unfortunately, the response Sarah’s boss received was less than welcoming.

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Sarah’s boss started with a simple request, indicating how many people will be attending the team building session, her preferred dates and her hotel preferences.

She also left the venue for the team building event open, allowing the event company to make suggestions to her about where she should bring her employees.

However, the events company owner clearly didn’t appreciate this as he berated Sarah’s boss in response.

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He even went so far as to call her request’wretched‘.

Sarah’s boss, in response, told the owner she found his behavior rude and unprofessional, but that pushed him to go further.

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He chastised her for not listing a favorite location, saying they had over 1,000 locations in their lists.

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“Do you expect us all to email you? Silly and naive come together to equal bodoh (stupid). “

He called her stupid twice (watch out, Sarah’s boss is a scientist) before telling him that his answer should be considered a “FREE education”.

Well, that’s definitely one way to lose a customer.

Naturally, Sarah’s boss has since opted out of working with the event company.

We sincerely hope Sarah’s boss finds an event agency that will treat her with respect, especially since there are so many who are struggling and would appreciate potential business.

How would you react if you were Sarah’s boss? Let us know in the comments section.

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