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Myriad Brewing Company closes its Newburgh cafe

Myriad is well known for serving delicious locally brewed beers, they have added a second bar with a cafe, but unfortunately the cafe is going to close.

Earlier this summer, Myriad opened its second taproom location in Newburgh. They also opened their Myriad Coffee House to brew more than just beer. Their cafe specialized in iced latte flights, and more. Myriad Cofee House took to Instagram to announce that they will sadly be closing their doors on Sunday 11th September.

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While I was super disappointed to hear the cafe was closing, the good news is that the bar in Newburgh is NOT. The Newburgh Dining Hall location will remain open and Myriad will still be serving its delicious beers at its Evansville and Newburgh locations.

Alex Morgan Imaging

Alex Morgan Imaging

In an Instagram post, Myriad Coffee House said the following:

Unfortunately, the Coffee House will be permanently closing on Sunday, September 11.
September 11 will be the last day for coffee service.
The Coffee House hasn’t been busy enough to stay open, and we wish it were different.
Until our last day; we will still be here to serve you the same great coffee. The Coffee House will also be open for the September 10 Donuts and Drafts event.

The cafe opening hours for the remaining 2 weeks will be as follows:
Closed Monday to Tuesday
7am-2pm Wednesday-Friday
8am-2pm Saturday-Sunday

We are very sorry that we cannot continue the operations of the cafe. Right now, we need to protect our small business and do what’s best for its future. At the same time, we need to allow our amazing Coffee House staff to transition into a role that fulfills them.
We really enjoyed serving those who came in each week for coffee and pastries, and we appreciate your support!
Bar hours will remain the same! Nothing will change with the bar/taproom. Be on the lookout for more fun events, awesome food trucks, and fun! We will continue to focus on our brewery operations and keep tapping great beers for years to come!
Thank you for your support and understanding.
The Myriad Brewery team

Although I hate to hear this news and was hoping their cafe would be a hit, I’m glad Myriad has no plans to stop brewing delicious beers. I’ll be stopping by for a pint of my favorite brewer (hi Devon!!) very soon! Be sure to stop by and show this local brewery some support at both of their locations!

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