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Organizer arrested after latest Peterborough ‘slow roll’

Tyler Berry, a neighborhood resident opposed to COVID-19 measures who staged a “slow roll” protest on Saturday, was arrested by city police live on Facebook after the event.

Police had to smash a vehicle window after Berry refused to get out.

Berry was live when police approached him on George Street, just north of Del Crary Park, around 2:30 p.m.

In the video, a city police officer asks Berry to roll down his vehicle window and holds up a document saying he has a warrant for Berry’s arrest. During this, Berry repeatedly says “I don’t consent”.

The officer replies, “I will open the door and I will arrest you on the basis of the (warrant).” Berry repeats that he does not consent.

“What you are doing is illegal! I am not this company that you have in your hands,” Berry shouts before calling on people, via his Facebook Live stream, to join him at the scene.

Part of the road being blocked, the police continue to ask him to unlock his door. “I don’t want to cooperate with your company,” he said. “Because the Peterborough Police are a money-making company. Do you understand that?”

For several minutes, Berry continues to insult the officers, accusing them of harassment, before an officer uses a tool to remove the passenger side window of the vehicle. “We’re going to break your window if you don’t open the door,” an officer announces beforehand.

Berry is then shown lying in the snow before being dragged off by the police and arrested. “No consent, I don’t understand,” he chants as a supporter shows up to yell at the police.

A woman in the vehicle continues to document the encounter on video, following officers to city police headquarters.

People then gathered outside the building at Water and McDonnel streets, calling for support for Berry. Some were waving American and Canadian flags – one man had a flag that combined the two.

The city’s police department, which no longer releases the names of those charged in most cases, later issued a notice outlining the charges against a 31-year-old man and including information about the department’s presence during of the mobile manifestation.

“Police estimate that 100 vehicles participated. The convoy complied with all rules of the road,” police said. “A 31-year-old man from Peterborough who took part in the motorcade was arrested on George Street on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court on February 17.”

The arrested man is due in court on Sunday for a bail hearing, police said.

Berry, an organizer of an online group opposing vaccination mandates and other COVID-19 measures, was charged after an incident at the home of Peterborough Medical Officer of Health Dr Thomas Piggott earlier this year. He was due to appear in court on February 17 on charges of stalking and intimidating a health official, a new law that had just come into effect. He had previously been charged with two counts of mischief after an unauthorized Christmas parade took place downtown in December.

Berry promoted Saturday’s protest on his Facebook page for several weeks before the event.

Saturday’s protest began at the Portage Place car park in the North End at 10 a.m. before crossing the city to the Morrow Park car park at noon, where protesters gathered. Along the way, the protest passed a group gathered in front of City Hall.

This is the second “slow roll” in as many weekends; Last week’s event led to charges against two people – a participant and a counter-protester.