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Pali Hill Residents Hire Event Company to Give 1,000 Hits | Bombay News

MUMBAI: In the past, people hired event managers to organize weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Recently, the Pali Hill Residents Association (PHRA) hired a Bandra-based organizer to plan their vaccination campaign over the weekend.
PHRA member Sudhir Mehra said: “We had planned to vaccinate 1,000 people over a two-day period, which is a significant number. If even 200 had been vaccinated in one day, we would have done it ourselves. But then we wanted to make sure everything was well planned and therefore a team of event planners helped us. Even the hospital that was to vaccinate our residents had certain requirements such as setting up tents and booths for vaccination and separate areas for observation, all of which were taken care of.
Mehra added that support staff, such as housekeepers, cooks and drivers who wanted to be vaccinated, needed help registering with CoWin. Event organizers also helped them.
PHRA paid almost Rs 36,000 to the organizers for two days.
Madhu Poplai, secretary of the PHRA, said the association had collected money for the vaccine (Rs 1,400 per dose) from residents. “Once the money had been collected, we asked the organizers to take over. They prepared Excel sheets with the names and addresses of the residents to be vaccinated, then determined the time slots where each resident would come to take their vaccine. We had planned that 50 residents would be vaccinated every hour, so manage them on site, verify their contact details and provide them with water or a snack during the observation period after the jab has been taken care of by the organizers, ” Poplai said, adding that the area where the vaccine was administered was disinfected long after each person received the vaccine, ensuring that all safety protocols were followed. Maharashtra’s Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray was also seen visiting the scene on Saturday morning.
Sonu Chagti, another PHRA member, said that as the city started to experience showers before the monsoon, they also needed to make sure the seating area created was well covered. “As we organized the ride to the premises of the Hilltop building in Pali Hill, all set-up had to be done systematically with seating for 80 people, demarcating entry and exit points and making sure everything the world only went out in their allotted time slot. to them, ”Chagti said.