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Paragon Event Marketing believes that in the digital age it is not possible to thrive without a social media presence, however, this is where it all begins.

If you look at a new upcoming app “TikTok” in the past 12 months, it has gone from being unknown to slowly competing with the biggest platforms in the market like Snapchat and Instagram. It allows users to collaborate on ideas using music and videos that previous social platforms like Facebook may have lacked. Tik Tok provides a better platform for a two-way exchange of creativity.

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Let’s take a look at TikTok starlet Charlie D’Amelio, who rose to fame for his eponymous channel. She gained huge popularity for her dances with original choreography, montages and lip-syncs. The channel of young stars since June 2019 has amassed more than thirteen million subscribers. The success of the application is based on the ability of the company to innovate in its marketing strategy, to be able to ride the wave when a person or a published content goes “viral”.

Everything in the digital age is driving people back to exchanging words, face time, live streaming, video content, and interactive collaboration. It would be foolish not to adapt in 2020 to these new trends. For all the success of these platforms, unfortunately they don’t have the very real ability we have to engage in real time with our audience or customer base. This is where Paragon Event Marketing has been able to bridge the gap, what is offered to billions via widespread social post can be adapted and made to measure; face to face with consumers.

Paragon Event Marketing believes that some fundamental factors can really help organize a campaign:

  1. Reaction – Reacting in real time builds trust. The company is keen to explore its methods and what-if scenarios through its business development and training program where customers can rest assured knowing that everything is covered in all situations.
  2. Empathy – The company believes in putting itself in the shoes of its customers. It makes the brand experience even more personal once seen through the eyes of the consumer. Empathy is a powerful tool and Paragon Event Marketing truly believes in leveraging the benefits it provides.
  3. Values ​​- Brands need to connect with their customers through their values. It used to be a game of needs and wants, but where loyalty comes in is the values ​​and understanding in place between the brand and the consumer and that’s why the company is taking a strong stance to make the shopping experience personal and interactive to be able to deepen connections within customers.
  4. Leadership- Concentration is necessary in every industry in order to be successful. This is where leaders are needed to take the reins, show integrity and determination, loyalty among others.

Paragon Event Marketing is a full-service customer acquisition and marketing agency whose mission is to deliver great results for their clients. Currently looking for talented people to join their growing team of entrepreneurs, if you’re a self-made sales fanatic, they want to hear from you. Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] today!

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