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Patron Technology announces partnership with event marketing platform Audience Republic

Patron Technology partners with Audience Republic

“Patron Technology and Audience Republic share a commitment to… bring true innovation to event planners. – Brian Arnone, CRO, Audience Republic

Patron Technology, the event technology solution that is redefining the industry, today announced a new partnership with the all-in-one event marketing platform Audience Republic. The partnership is poised to enable thousands of Patron Technology customers to leverage Audience Republic’s powerful suite of marketing tools tailored for event planners.

“We’re giving event planners a way to actually use their data, so they can sell more tickets,”

says Brian Arnone, Director of Revenue at Audience Republic. “This is essential in a world where organizers find themselves less able to rely solely on social media and paid advertising to increase ticket sales. “

With Audience Republic’s pre-registration, waitlist and competition products, event planners using Patron Technology’s corporate ticketing product, ShowClix, now have the ability to grow ticket sales and brand awareness far beyond what other more traditional marketing platforms can offer. By increasing the promotion of word of mouth events and building a loyal audience base, ShowClix users can expect more effective marketing campaigns and a new flow of rich and valuable data.

“Giving event planners a more effective way to promote their events through existing fan personal networks is one area that many event ticketing partners fail,” says Amy Mrazek, vice president of marketing for Boss Technology. “In the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, we are constantly looking for ways to help our event planners optimize their promotional efforts and effectively sell their events. This is why this partnership with Audience Republic is so important.

One technique that Audience Republic uses to tap into powerful word of mouth marketing is gamification. Ticket buyers can earn points by referring friends, following branded accounts, and subscribing to fan clubs or mailing lists, with top scorers unlocking rewards. In addition to this unique gamified approach, their Event CRM acts as a hub for organizers to bring together sales and customer data from the platforms they already use. There, they can use their data through a platform tailored for the event industry, offering powerful audience insights, analytics, segmentation, email marketing, text messaging and integrations with advertising networks.

Integration with Patron Technology’s ShowClix product means event planners of all types and sizes will have access to event marketing capabilities well ahead of the industry curve. When organizers connect their ShowClix account to Audience Republic, all of their past and future events will automatically sync, along with ticket sales transactions and attendee data. Organizers can then segment that data to engage directly with their audience through targeted messages and ads, making it easier to ensure that the right message reaches the right people every time.

“What has long been lacking in the industry is true event-driven CRM. CRM platforms have been available for decades, but event planners have specific needs and they are dealing with less than ideal tools, ”says Arnone. “Patron Technology and Audience Republic share a commitment to change that and bring real innovation to event planners. “

About Patron Technology

Patron Technology is redefining what it means to be an event creator by empowering organizers to take control of their entire event experience. With their powerful ticketing, engagement, mobile apps and cashless products tailored to any event, creators can transform the attendee experience and become industry leaders. That’s why iconic brands like New York Comic Con, Coachella, Candytopia and the NHL use our ever-evolving solution to drive ongoing engagement, reach large audiences, and generate more revenue. For more information, visit patrontechnology.com.

About Audience Republic

Audience Republic is an all-in-one event marketing platform, helping festivals, concerts, sporting events, venues and conventions sell more tickets.

Founded by former event promoter Jared Kristensen in 2016, they have worked with over 300 music festivals around the world (including the BPM Festival, Lights All Night, Snowglobe) and events featuring artists like Flume and ODESZA. More than 16 million fans have engaged with the company’s consumer products.

Events sell more tickets by increasing word of mouth and building an audience for them, using presale, waitlist and competition entry products. Event CRM combines sales data from ticketing platforms, to enable the data to be used through a bespoke platform offering powerful audience insights, analytics, segmentation, email marketing, text messaging and integrations with ad networks. For more information, audiencerepublic.com.

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