Peloton updates its treadmills to be useful again without a subscription

Peloton owners will once again be able to use their treadmills without a Peloton All-Access subscription, according to the company. In June, Peloton released a software update that required its treadmills to be secured with a password, a feature the company said was only available to paid subscribers due to “technical limitations.” At the time, Peloton had promised that another software update would be coming that would allow everyone to benefit from this feature, and it provided a three-month free subscription that typically costs $ 40 per month. On Wednesday, the company said The edge that “all Tread owners can now access Tread Lock” as well as the “Just Run” feature.

According to the Peloton support page, the Tread Lock feature locks the treadmill if you are not in a class and have not used the treadmill for 45 seconds. You will then need to enter your four-digit passcode before you can use it. The aforementioned June software update made use of the feature mandatory, after Peloton recalled its treadmills following several reported injuries and one death.

The requirement for Tread Lock essentially made the treadmills unusable without a subscription. While Peloton is perhaps best known for its classes (which require a paid membership), Tread Plus’ Just Run Mode has allowed owners to use it as a normal treadmill, no subscription required. But as Tread Lock became mandatory and using Tread Lock required a subscription, Just Run was no longer available to owners who were not subscribers. The company did, however, provide all owners with three free months of membership after the change, which appears to have given them enough time to make the treadmills usable again without paying the monthly fee.

The update that created this situation was a reminder that the functionality of internet-connected devices can be changed – just because a feature was present at launch doesn’t mean it will remain for the life of the product. This case was, however, particularly painful for users, as it made compulsory (if only for a short time) a subscription which was optional at the time of purchase.

Due to the recall issued by Peloton, Tread Plus owners are eligible for a full refund if they choose to return their treadmills by November 6, 2022, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Those who choose to keep their Platoons, however, should again have the choice of subscribing.

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