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Petal Education Foundation organizes the 14th annual “Laughs and Lagniappe” event

PETAL, Miss. (WDAM) – Crawfish are great to eat, but they can also help fund student education.

The Petal Education Foundation hosted the 14th annual Laughter & Lagniappe event Thursday night at Petal High School.

This is one of the largest fundraising events held by the organization each year.

A ticket to the event resulted in a plate of crawfish, free drinks and the chance to bid on the items auctioned this year.

“We are an organization that exists to promote education and scholarship in our community,” said Petal Education Foundation President Dustie Dunn. “We provide our seniors and students with scholarships to go to school, and it’s a fantastic way to help them go to school and invest in our community.”

“Over the past few years, we have distributed between 75 and 80 scholarships a year,” said Leanhe Lightsey, executive director of the Petal Education Foundation. “We added five new scholarships this year. It’s astronomical the amount we give, about $165,000 each year to graduates.

By definition, lagniappe means to give something more as a gift.

Dunn thinks the event does this in several ways, through the camaraderie of the event and the scholarships given to top Petal students.

“It’s just a fun community opportunity to hang out together outside of the normal flow of our schedules, enjoy our time and enjoy great local organization,” Dunn said.

Due to the pandemic, the organization took a two-year hiatus to host the event.

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