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Police lock down company Shree Ulka; Four taken into custody

Mangaluru: The Mumbai-based fish factory known as Shree Ulka LLP in the MSEZ (Mangaluru Special Economic Zone) has reportedly been closed and locked down by police following the deaths of five factory workers. Regarding the disaster that occurred at the factory, four individuals, including the factory’s production manager, were taken into custody, Mangaluru City Police Commissioner N. Shashikumar said. .

The company’s production manager Ruby Joseph, regional manager Kuber Gaade, supervisor Muhammed Anwar and Ullal resident Azaad Nagar Faruq, who was in charge of the company’s workers, were taken into custody, Did we learn.

The factory is believed to be owned by a Mumbai-based person named Raju Gorak. The company has been accused of being negligent towards its workers and failing to provide workers with the necessary safety equipment. Proceedings have been filed against the company in this regard under Articles 52/2022 337, 338, 304 as well as Article 34 of the CPI, at Bajpe Police Station. Currently, the company is closed, informed the police commissioner.

A total of five workers have died as a result of an alleged toxic gas leak which occurred on Sunday evening at the Shree Ulka LLP fish factory located in the MSEZ (Mangaluru Special Economic Zone). Three other workers are said to be receiving treatment at the hospital.

The Shree Ulka Fish Factory, located within the jurisdiction of Bajpe Police Station in the Mangaluru Special Economic Zone in Permuda, had been in operation for 3 years. The company has employed about 100 workers, and the majority of them are believed to be from the states of West Bengal or Jharkhand, we learn.

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