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Qatar Charity organizes ‘Eid joy’ event

Qatar Charity (QC) organized an “Eid Joy” event for a group of 100 boys and girls aged 6-10. The event at the Al Rayyan Community Development Center was part of the activities accompanying the QC campaign “Make them happy with your sacrifice” and in conjunction with Eid al-Adha.
The activities included many educational, cultural, awareness-raising and recreational activities and paragraphs, such as the know-how and crafts corner.
Several participants expressed their happiness. Mayassa Shafi al-Hajri said, “The event was fun, through which I learned about Haj rituals and enjoyed installing models and participating in activities and competitions.”

Another participant, Khalil Ibrahim, said the event gave him new friends. Umm Muhammad, the mother of one of the participants, said: “We thank Qatar Charity for these important programs and activities.”
QC, as part of the activities of the “Make them Happy with Your Udhiya” campaign and the tenth of Dhul Hijjah, carried out several entertainment and cultural and awareness activities aimed at families and children in conjunction with the sacrificial season . One of the activities, the “Haj Journey”, was a cultural and educational event for children and families.