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Qatar facing unfair criticism over World Cup, organizer says

Qatar has faced a lot of unfair criticism over its hosting of the FIFA World Cup that was not based on facts, but it has responded to any fair criticism, Qatar 2022 chief executive Nasser said on Thursday. al Khater.

He told a press conference, the first held by the organizers in months, that 70 days before the tournament kicked off, sports and transport infrastructure in the country had been completed and the remaining work was done. “aesthetic”.

The decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar, the first Middle Eastern country to host the event, has drawn criticism from some human rights groups over its treatment of foreign migrant workers and restrictive social laws.

“We believe that much of the criticism is unfair and not based on factual reality. Whatever criticism we felt was fair, we took it on board,” Khater said.

He spoke at the Lusail stadium, which will host the World Cup final. The 80,000 capacity arena will welcome large crowds for the first time on Friday for the Lusail Super Cup, the last major test event in preparation for the World Cup.

More than one million fans are expected at the event, many of them flying in or driving in from neighboring Gulf states.

Doha has spent years improving its infrastructure in the run-up to the World Cup, including building seven new stadiums, a metro system and new highways. Khater said the cost of the Qatar World Cup was “equal or lower” than the last three.

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