Quantifying Hope: Cubs drop to 0% of playoff odds as Brewers move closer to lockdown status

You probably aren’t betting on the Cubs this season and you won’t be able to date the big sports betting scheduled for the Addison and Sheffield corner until the end of 2022, but that doesn’t stop me from talking about the playoff odds. And if that doesn’t stop you from making some bets, especially on options more enticing than Chicago’s North Side Baseball Club, SportsBettingDime.com has bonuses for Illinois based bettors throughout the MLB season.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote that the Brewers moved away and people got mad at me for being an idiot because the Cubs were tied with Milwaukee at the top of the standings? While I might still be an idiot, I was basing things on playoff odds that have tilted in opposite directions since about mid-June. The Brewers rushed 95.9% playoff chance while Cubs now share their 0% chance with pirates.

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If that makes you feel better, the Cardinals are currently only 1.4% and the Reds are expected to fall soon. Moral wins don’t matter much in the face of this season’s abject failure after a hot May that saw the Cubs talk about buyers. Can you imagine if they had managed not to poop in the bed in June and then avoided that 11-game slip mark?

The point is, they probably still would have sold given how the Brewers play behind a group of top performing debutants at a very high level. Not only are they running away with NL Central, but they could make some legitimate noise in the playoffs if those pitchers stay hot. It’s something the Cubs never had, even though Kyle Hendricks and Zach Davies are on the cusp.

As such, Kris Bryant is help the Giants to big comebacks, Anthony Rizzo is set records for the Yankees, and Javier Baez is evoking its unique mark of magic in Queens. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Does it feel like it’s yesterday or several years ago that these guys were still with the Cubs?

Now everything revolves around the future, whether it’s Manny Rodríguez’s closing matches or Justin Steele starting them, the prospects are getting all the attention. It’s still not clear if the Cubs will be good next year, but I’d happily bet on some of the young talent that will come through the system.

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