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Receiving threatening calls from abroad, claims Casino organizer Chikkoti

Published: Updated on – 8:32 p.m., Wed – 17 Aug 22

Hyderabad: A few days after appearing before the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) for questioning in connection with alleged violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), casino organizer Chikkoti Praveen Kumar claimed on Wednesday that he was getting threatening calls from abroad and locally stating that supari was given to eliminate him.

“I received a call at 2am saying that supari had been given through the hitman site to eliminate me,” he claimed, adding that two more calls had been received from local numbers.

He said the callers were pressuring him, forcing him to reveal the names of two prominent Andhra Pradesh ruling party politicians to the ED. Declining to reveal the names of two politicians, he said he was unaware of the callers’ political affiliation.

He, however, explained that he was criticized by the opposition PA party when an event was held during the Sankranti festival in January 2022 in Gudivada in Krishna district of PA. Since then, one party in particular has been targeting him.

Referring to his association with politicians and film actresses, he said he has several friends in political circles and in the film industry. Regarding the allegations that he conducted cash transactions through hawala operations while running casinos, he denied them.