Event fundraising

Sheffield Hallam University students will hold a charity event to raise money for cancer care

A group of final year students studying for a Bachelors in Event Management at Sheffield Hallam University are planning a charity fundraising event for Cavendish Cancer Care.

After seeing Cavendish Cancer Care’s dedication to improving the quality of life for local people affected by cancer for many years, working with them to help more cancer patients became part of the group of students.

Joyce Lui, Head of Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship for the team, said: “Cancer is a difficult journey and it’s not easy for the patient and their family to get through it, that’s why we have intends to help them financially by organizing fundraising activities.”

The event titled “WEvolve» will take place at Heist Brewery Co. on Saturday, March 19, 2022, starting at 10:30 a.m. where people can experience relaxing yoga sessions, meditation sessions, a calligraphy session, and a free beer on the day.

Team members stick up posters

The preparations for the event were arduous and many unforeseen challenges arose.

Miss Lui said: “We have limited local contacts – that seems to be the biggest challenge, we are currently trying to promote by distributing leaflets and online advertising.

“Furthermore, it is not easy to fit all the events in one day and we often have to change our plans due to sponsor decisions.”

They have also made positive progress, said Ong ZhiXin, the team’s finance and administration manager: “We have minimized our costs to the point that practically everything we have is free.”

The name of this group of three potential event planners is “Congratulationsafter an ancient Roman adjective for “fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky,” which is closely related to the theme and concept of their event.

Along with the goal of raising money for cancer patients, they set the theme of happiness for the event and positioned their team as leaders to inspire people in the right direction when it comes to is about releasing stress.

Miss Lui added: “We hope more people will understand the importance of mental health and be able to deal with this issue seriously.

“Come to our event and you can achieve ultimate balance between your mind, body and soul.”

Felicitas team members