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Sheriff, Jacksonville Leaders & Event Organizer Talk Importance of Safety on Day 1 of Orange Crush Festival – Action News Jax

Jacksonville Beach, Florida — From Georgia to Jacksonville, Orange Crush has officially arrived.

The city of Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach are expected to see more than 20,000 people over the weekend.

Local organizer Stephan Smith said he didn’t want it to be a negative event.

“Nobody comes with the mindset that there’s going to be violence. They come with the mindset of having fun,” Smith said. “We’re going to have peace, we’re going to live and do a great job of representing the city to tourists.”

Friday’s first event takes place at the Justice Pub downtown.

The dining room manager at the Bold City Brewery, about two blocks away, said he was not worried about what was to come and had spoken to the staff about it.

“As we watch what’s going on, if we get a large influx and need more help and if there’s a security issue for whatever reason, obviously we can communicate about it and take the necessary precautions to that,” Will Frazier said.

The festival is spread throughout the city of Jacksonville, and Frazier thinks it will be a big economic boost.

“It could be really good for the city, not just for one area,” Frazier said.

Action News Jax asked Mayor Chris Hoffman what progress had been made during his talks with organizers. In an email response, the mayor said:

“The ‘organizers’ seem to have been focused on getting a large crowd to the area without really planning what they will do when they get here. Unlike our usual big events and festivals, we have no idea what to expect in terms of traffic, number of people, venues etc. room for uncertainty.

In a public statement, JSO Sheriff Mike Williams said he was happy to have worked on the event, saying:

“I am confident that the men and women of JSO will provide an exceptional level of service to our residents and visitors for this busy weekend. As always, JSO is here to help anyone in need. we want everyone to have a safe and fun weekend.

On Sunday, an event is held at Parc Huguenot. In a statement to Action News Jax, the city said:

“At this time, no one from Orange Crush crush has contacted anyone from the city of Jacksonville asking to use the park. We have been working with members of public safety and local beach communities to plan these events.”

Local organizer Smith said he understands the organization could have been better and asks festival-goers to stay safe.

“There won’t be any fights and if they think it’s going to be a fight the police will arrest him,” Smith said. “Jax Beach and town.”