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Should you avoid naming your company or product 404?

We know that sometimes Google may treat your pages as a soft 404, Google basically thinks that page should be 404ed and therefore removed from search results. So, an SEO asked if he should avoid naming his new product or service with the 404 name?

Matt Tutt, an SEO, asked John Mueller “I’m planning a top secret SEO conference, and priorities first, plan to launch a range of merchandise to take full advantage of the event. First is a fanny pack 100% handmade wool I was going to name the product “it’s not a 404” unfortunately lest it inadvertently trigger a “soft 404″ error; and so I wonder if, from a point From a marketing standpoint, is it really a bad idea to include the 404 number in the product name itself? It will be used on the page title after all…”

John Mueller from Google replied that there are products already named 404, such as the 404 wheel and a search for [404 wheel] returns the products named wheel 404:

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John wrote “Anecdotally, the ‘404’ products I know rank normally. Try searching for ‘404 wheel’ for example. If you call it ‘404 not found’ I think you might have a harder time , but even those search results aren’t empty.”

So I guess if you’re using the 404 name or selling t-shirts named “404 not found” you probably need to be careful and watch closely how Google handles it.

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