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Skyesports becomes the first organizer of Valorant events in South Asia

South Asia (India) has its own taste of Valorant goodness with Skyesports at the helm. New events are springing up following Riot’s announcement that they will be looking to accelerate the development of the local Valorant esports scene.

Things start with Souvenir 2022 – Mumbai, and will continue in VCT Stage 2 SA Challengers.


Souvenir 2022 was a good start

Souvenir 2022 Mumbai was a short four-day tournament of 30and from April to 3rd of May. All matches were broadcast on the official Skyesports Youtube.

Supported by tournament organizer Skyesports, the event managed to attract top teams from the Mumbai region and Pakistan. The event features a prize pool of $11,500, a reasonable amount considering the region’s Valorant esports scene is still in its infancy.

The four participating teams consisting of Enigma, Global Esports, Snakes and Velocity Gaming, had all placed in the top 4 of the region’s highest level of competitive play this year, Stage 1 of the VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2022.

The event gave us a preview of what Skyesports events will look like and a good look at the current top team in the region. The new partnership between Riot and Skyesports for the upcoming VCT SA Stage 2 Challenger (Skyesports Championship Series) aims to catapult the development of the Valorant Esports scene in South Asia.

Previously, NOWDIN Gaming was “responsible” for high-caliber Valorant competition in the region. The move to a new operator may suggest a change in approach to Riot’s strategy moving forward and a different approach to how events are run and who can participate.