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SLASSCOM promotes resilience in Lanka through digital marketing – Room Manager

The Sri Lanka Association of Software Service Companies (SLASSCOM) continues to promote Sri Lanka and its resilience globally through digital marketing and has taken several of its training and membership activities online, the president of SLASSCOM, Sandra De Zoyza.

When it comes to the digital economy, we advocate for environmentally responsible practices as part of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) drive to be the world’s premier green computing/BPM destination. she declared. SLASSCOM has been advocating and supporting our member companies to secure off-grid renewable energy-based units for working from home, the chamber leader said.

According to her, the country’s national chamber of knowledge and innovation industry played a pivotal role in promoting remote working before the global pandemic to enable a flexible and convenient working culture among employees in the workplace. IT/BMP industry.

Most SLASSCOM member companies have embraced working from home throughout the pandemic and these have been very well received by our customers around the world with many comments that not only are the pre-Covid service levels were achieved, but in some cases they were exceeded, said De Zoysa.

SLASSCOM has helped member companies create a healthy and achievable remote work culture through webinars and educational measures aimed at strengthening remote work for employees, including data security, employee well-being, team building and mental health, she said and added that all of SLASSCOM’s flagship event, HR Summit focused on and was built around HR aspects in the remote work environment , said adding that the chamber had provided input to employment law enforcement officials on certain inclusions to recognize home as a designated place of work – this might be necessary in the event of insurance claims for example and also retain the responsibility,

Along with this, although not directly related, we supported and contributed to Sri Lanka’s Data Protection Act, which will strengthen the entire data security framework, said De Zoysa. SLASSCOM is the national knowledge and innovation industry chamber in Sri Lanka and acts as a catalyst for growth.

The chamber does this by facilitating trade and business, spreading education and employment, encouraging research and innovation, and influencing a national policy framework of value to industry.

SLASSCOM has over 200 member companies with over 30,000 employees.

SLASSCOM is driving the economy of imagination: Sri Lanka’s industry of the future, with the potential to become Sri Lanka’s number one source of export revenue.

The chamber’s vision for 2025 is to generate $5.0 billion in revenue, create 200,000 direct jobs, and create 1,000 IT/BPM startups.

The main strategic initiatives of SLASSCOM are managed by nine different forums; marketing, capacity, regional development, entrepreneurship, technology, quality, business process management, innovation and human resources. Each of these forums is comprised of industry leaders and volunteers, the forums drive key SLASSCOM strategic initiatives.