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Splash shows event marketing will never be the same after Covid

In just a few short weeks, thousands of tech insiders will once again be heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Virtual in 2021, the huge in-person return-to-life event is perhaps surprising given the lingering uncertainty about the pandemic. Although CES has decided to host its event in person, many companies in 2022 and beyond will not. With Splash, these companies are better equipped to handle any future meeting, whether in person, remote or hybrid.

An event marketing technology company, Splash has done its homework and understands just how different event planning has become from pre-Covid. Before the pandemic, companies mostly hosted or attended expensive face-to-face meetings that strained resources and depended heavily on the outcome of these events. Due to the nature of the beast, these events were few in number but large in size.

Existing and post-COVID event marketing tend to rely on smaller in-person events, virtual events, or a hybrid model. As Splash explains, companies must “start using smaller, repeatable hybrid event programs to build an agile event strategy,” thereby eliminating large tent events with significant upfront costs.

Splash provides a variety of resources for businesses to create events, whenever and wherever. Plus, it promises a superior experience across multiple channels and devices. Yes, devices. From creating event assets, including event pages and emails, to RSVPs and registrations, mobile devices specifically play a critical role and integrate into existing business applications.

Businesses can break down the barriers that often affect others when they partner with Splash for event planning. Much of the emphasis here is on design and automation. The former helps keep businesses on the brand, while the latter allows key stakeholders to stay on top of the message without risking brand, data, and compliance.

Arriving in January, Splash Studio is a brand new all-in-one solution to help marketers run programs quickly and confidently, regardless of event format. With Splash Studio, users will be able to create interactive virtual events right in Splash and broadcast them natively. The new product will also include features for engaging guests online, including Q&A, discussions, polls, networking hubs, content sharing, and presenter management.

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