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The Bristol Press – Connecticut Children’s Foundation Hosts Statewide ‘Sip Stands’ Event

The Connecticut Children’s Foundation hosts its “Sip Stands” event where people organize a drink and snack stand to raise money for patients and families.

The foundation is located at 282 Washington Street, Hartford, and sip booths are held throughout the state.

Erika Glebocki, associate director of philanthropic events, said sip stalls bring joy to the community and raise funds to support children’s health.

“A sip stand is a fun way for kids to sell their favorite sips and snacks while bringing the community together to support Connecticut Children’s patients and families,” Glebocki said. “Isn’t it great to drive through your neighborhood in the summer and see kids selling their favorite drinks and treats with people supporting them and learning why they’re fundraising? That’s the magic and mission of Sip Stands.

She said the booth engages children in creative activity, supporting the improvement of a patient’s physical, emotional and social health.

“It’s really special to work with children and families who organize sip booths and learn their ‘why,'” she said. “Whether they have a personal connection to Connecticut Children’s or are looking to give back to an organization that benefits the community, the outlook has remained consistent.”

People who organize sip stalls will raise money for the Greatest Need Children’s Fund, a resource that supports work and new opportunities to provide the best care for the foundation, Glebocki said.

“The fund gives our team members the opportunity to invest in advanced resources that benefit our patients now and set the stage for a better tomorrow,” she said. “Our hope is that people

inspired to raise money for the Greatest Need Children’s Fund because their efforts have a huge and immediate impact on the lives of children across the state and in their own communities.

Individuals and organizations interested in hosting sip booths can visit

connecticutchildrensfoundation.org/events/sip-stands to find out how the foundation supports these events.

“We harness the power of our website, providing hosts with an online fundraising platform and other creative market support to make your sip booth a success,” Glebocki said. “Connecticut Children’s provides care in 41 locations in 22 cities across three states – we’d like to see sip booths in every community we serve.”

Posted in The Bristol Press, General News on Friday, August 12, 2022 10:15 AM. Updated: Friday August 12, 2022 10:17.