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The company is laying off its entire global event marketing team

LinkedIn: As we read gory stories on LinkedIn about employees being laid off amid the global disaster, the Microsoft-owned professional networking site has laid off staff from its global events marketing department, according to media reports.

LinkedIn has laid off “all employees of the professional social network’s global events marketing team amid continued economic uncertainty,” according to an Insider report.

According to Thursday’s report, a LinkedIn spokesperson did not reveal the exact number of affected employees. “They confirmed that the whole team had been affected. Affected employees are encouraged to apply for positions on a new internal team focused on creating virtual, hybrid and in-person experiences,” the report said.

LinkdIn’s layoffs came as its parent company Microsoft, which laid off 1% or 1,800 employees in July, asked about 200 more employees to leave, this time from one of its business-focused R&D projects. customer.

According to posts on Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, the recent layoffs have also hit contract recruiters across a wide range of regions.

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According to a Business Insider report, the additional job cuts were concentrated in Microsoft’s Modern Life Experiences (MLX) group, which was formed in 2018 with the goal of “winning back consumers.”

“About 200 employees of the Modern Life Experiences team were asked to find another position with the company within 60 days, or take severance pay,” the report said.

Microsoft, led by Satya Nadella, last month became the first corporate giant to lay off employees as part of a “realignment”.

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Microsoft’s layoffs affected nearly 1% of its 1,80,000 employees in offices and product divisions.

Microsoft has also reduced hiring in its Windows, Teams and Office divisions. Google, Meta, Oracle, Twitter, Nvidia, Snap, Uber, Spotify, Intel and Salesforce are among other tech companies that have laid off or slowed hiring during the current economic downturn.

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