Event organizer

The Delhi-based event organizer is approaching the Delhi High Court over media reports by India today of its alleged involvement in the cruise ship drug case

In another development related to the Cruise Ship drug case, a Delhi-based event organizer, Arjun Jain, has moved the Delhi High Court aggrieved by some India Today TV channel media reports on his alleged involvement in the case despite the absence of a summons issued to him by Narcotics Control. Office.

By posting the case for hearing tomorrow, Judge Rekha Palli took the record assurance made by lawyer Hrishikesh Baruah appearing for the news channel that she will not publish anything about him regarding past events till tomorrow.

During the hearing, lawyer Adit S Pujari appearing for the claimant argued that even though Jain was not contacted or summoned by the BCN, some journalists approached his home in order to take his interview and the statements of his family members.

“It’s one thing for me to be a defendant, and then I have my legal rights too. But here I’m not even the defendant,“Pujari submitted.

“I am not responsible for the event. There is a lot to be said about it. They announced me as a fugitive. In a situation like this, where do we go? Something has to be done about this. subject. We can’t keep running through the courts in such cases. From Devangana Kalita, Disha Ravi to Sushant Singh Rajput case, we can’t keep having this again and again” he added.

Lawyer Nisha Bhambhani appearing for the News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority argued that there are guidelines in place regarding media trial and confidentiality to deal with such matters and that body can only deal with the complaints addressed to him.

“NBSA members are reviewing the complaint and making a decision. This complaint only came to us last night. We don’t have the power to stop, we just have the power to adjudicate and take action suo moto. We we can’t pre-censor anything,” he added. Bhambhani submitted.

Lawyer Baruah appearing for the news channel said the petition deserved to be dismissed and that if the petitioner makes allegations of defamation, an action should have been filed instead of a written petition under the ‘art. 226.

In this regard, Judge Palli orally made the following observation:

“But as a responsible channel, what are you going to do? Are you just going to sensationalise?”

In response to this, Baruah said the channel did fair reporting as only facts were published by it. Relying on Jain’s Instagram profile, he further stated that he himself claimed to be the co-founder of the namascray company.

“This problem can’t go on like this. Everyone will say anything under the sun,” said Judge Palli.

Thereupon Baruah replied that although the TV station asked for his comment, he refused to make any statement and that he himself stated in the petition that he was present in the party.

After hearing the parties, the Court ordered as follows:

“It appears that before an effective order can be passed, the matter must be heard in greater detail. List tomorrow. Counsel appearing for Respondent No. 3 assures the Court that until the matter be heard tomorrow, Respondent #3 will not release any information about the petitioner regarding events that have occurred in the past.”

On October 2, the BCN allegedly seized 13 grams of cocaine (intermediate quantity), 5 grams of MD (mephedrone) (intermediate quantity), 21 grams of charas (small quantity), 22 tablets of MDMA (ecstasy) (intermediate quantity) and Rs 1,33,000 at Mumbai International Cruise Terminal.

The NCB has so far committed 12 people to the case, including Aryan Khan – son of actor Shahrukh Khan for breaches of the NDPS Act.

Khan, who was not found in possession of contraband, is charged with consumption under Sections 8(c) read with Sections 20b, 27, 28, 29 and 35 of the NDPS Act.

So far, 12 people have been taken into NCB custody. Aryan Khan and 7 others were sent to NCB custody, until October 7.

Title: Arjun Jain c. News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority & Ors.