The new lock at Soo Locks is proceeding on time as planned.

SAULT STE. MARY – The new lock at Soo Locks is progressing on time as planned.

The final phase of construction of the new lock at Soo, Phase III, the new lock, has been announced in two phases. Carrie Fox, public affairs manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers, said the Phase III pre-proposal conference was held last week and more than 100 potential contractors attended.

“The phased approach keeps Phase III moving forward and actually gives contractors more time to review documents than a traditional RFP process,” Fox said.

The first step, the Stagger 1 tender is announced from July 2 and has a deadline of August 16. In this phase, contractors have the opportunity to review plans and specifications in draft form and will provide an initial technical proposal.

The second phase, Stagger 2, includes a full set of plans and specifications that will be provided to the contractors and they will provide the project prices as well as any modifications or additions that they have identified for their Stagger 1 technical proposal. offers will start on track in September and award the contract in spring 2022.

Upstream Phase I canal deepening contractor Trade West is continuing to deepen the canal to the west and is expected to be completed this fall. This phase began in the spring of 2020. There was a work interruption during the winter due to ice and winter conditions and resumed this spring.

Upstream approach wall phase II contractor Kokosing-Alberici continues to demonstrate the lock while construction of its concrete plant continues and is expected to be operational by the end of August. Phase II began this spring and is expected to end in fall 2023.

The contractor of phase II, Kokosing-Alberici, is building its concrete plant for the construction of upstream approach walls.

“The Phase II contractor had to demolish the existing lock between the northwest wall of Sabin Lock and the Unit 10 power plant,” Fox said. “It had to be demolished to install sheet pile cells, which are part of the approach to the new lock. In addition, a rock berm was placed in the lock of Unit 10 to allow access for construction equipment to the northwest jetty and to restrict flow.

Fox further explained that the concrete batching plant will likely play a key role in providing concrete to the Phase II contractor for the rehabilitation of the upstream approach wall.

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