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Vendelux raises $2.4 million to improve event marketing intelligence

Vendelux, the first event intelligence platform that enables marketers to maximize the impact of the event branding channel, today announced the close of $2.4 million in seed capital financing. The capital will support the development of the platform’s event intelligence product suite, including technology to enable users to find events and conferences with their key customers, competitors and partners, and the expansion of the team.

The round was led by Tenacity Venture Capital, with participation from Earl Gray Capital, Pareto Holdings and a number of SaaS founders, including Shafqat Islam and Avi Muchnick. The capital raise coincides with the official launch of the company in stealth fashion amid promising revenue gains. The most recent quarter posted double-digit month-over-month growth.

“Our mission is to empower event marketers to lead and thrive, and we are thrilled to partner with Tenacity Venture Capital to make that mission a reality,” Co-Founder and CEO Alex Reynolds noted. “This round of funding will help us continue to grow and expand our platform, delivering even more value to our global customer base.”

Reynolds and co-founder and COO Stefan Deeran saw the direct need for event information when building an eight-digit global ARR business unit within Shutterstock. They knew from experience that events were the best way to connect with prospects and strengthen customer relationships. But too often companies seemed to make decisions based on instinct. Event marketers lacked the tools and resources to evaluate events strategically, based on the metrics that mattered to them. Vendelux was founded to provide decision makers with data and insights to increase ROI and achieve unprecedented channel impact.

Companies like Gainsight, Gorgias and Spekit use Vendelux to discover and evaluate the most relevant in-person, hybrid and virtual events. The platform is powered by Vendelux’s exclusive database of over 30,000 global events, with up-to-date information on sponsorship packages, speakers and even attendees.

“There is unprecedented demand to visit customers and colleagues again,” said Stefan Deeran, co-founder and COO. “As companies reinvent the future of work, marketers rely on Vendelux to craft the perfect event marketing strategy.”

In the United States alone, the corporate events industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.3% and reach $510 billion by 2030. In the exciting years to come, Vendelux will provide event marketers with the data and intelligence they need to make B2B events the biggest and best revenue channel.

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