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WATCH: Highlights from the annual ‘Surfing Santas’ event at Cocoa Beach

Annual ‘Surfing Santas’ returns in person on Christmas Eve at Cocoa Beach

ABOVE VIDEO: Surf Santas Cocoa Beach 2021 (visual summaries Video)

ABOVE VIDEO: Sounds and sounds from the annual “Surfing Santas” event at Cocoa Beach. Space Coast Daily’s Karina Connor is on hand for the festivities.

DAILY CTE DE L’ESPACE TV: The phenomenon known as “Surfing Santas” draws more than 800 surfers and 10,000 spectators to Cocoa Beach on Christmas Eve 2017, as well as the attention of millions of people around the world.

What started as a simple family beach day in 2009 has grown into a beloved vacation tradition along Florida’s Space Coast.

BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA – Cocoa Beach’s famous Surfing Santas are back in the water on Friday morning.

What started as a simple family beach day in 2009 has grown into a beloved vacation tradition along Florida’s Space Coast.

Hundreds of surfers are now donning their best Santa costumes to take part in this one-of-a-kind annual event, which draws massive crowds to the beach.

Last year Surfing Santas had a year-long hiatus due to COVID-19, but this year is turning out to be different with incredible anticipation.

“It’s amazing how this thing has grown over the past decade or so into one of the biggest vacation events in Brevard County,” said Santas Surfing organizer George Trosset, who sparked the craze somewhat innocently on December 24, 2009.

A record 648 Surfing Santas rowed for this year’s Surfing Santas event at Cocoa Beach. (Image Facebook Surf Santas)

It was then, disguised as Santa Claus, that he went surfing on Cocoa Beach, accompanied by his son and his daughter-in-law, themselves dressed in elf outfits.

After a photo of the trio of surfers appeared the next day in a local newspaper, the idea of ​​surfing as Santa on Christmas Eve continued to snowball year after year, with Surfing Santas’ numbers swelling by hundreds.

“It was amazing to see the community come together for this holiday spirit morning,” said Trosset.

“Each year we look forward to more people joining our Christmas Eve celebration – who knows, we might attract over a thousand surfing Santa Claus surfers to Cocoa Beach this time around, because there is no There really is no better place for St. Nick to unwind before his busiest night of the year. ”

ABOVE VIDEO: The history of surfing Santas Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Because there are no skill or age requirements to participate, the event organizers won’t know until December 24 if they are going to break the 2018 world record for Surfing Santas.

For those who are ready to catch the waves, the only requirement is to grab a board and don your most festive holiday costume, be it Santa Claus, an elf, or any seasonal character.

The 2021 extravaganza begins at 8 a.m. along the beach near 2 Minutemen Causeway (where the causeway intersects N. Atlantic Avenue, also known as Florida Route A1A) and is expected to continue until noon.

Numerous parking lots are available and many restaurants in the area will be open to serve Surfing Santa participants and spectators.

“Cocoa Beach is known as the surfing capital of the east coast, so this Surfing Santas event is a great opportunity for visitors to soak up some of this culture, or even partake in the fun of surfing,” said said Bonnie King, the acting director. director of the Florida Space Coast Office of Tourism.

“This one-of-a-kind event is truly a memorable way to celebrate Space Coast vacations. It also gives our visitors a great story to share when they return home.

Since 2013, Surfing Santas has raised over $ 90,000 for charity, through donations raised at the December 24 rally and the sale of official Surfing Santas t-shirts.

All proceeds go to the work of two local organizations: Grind for Life and the Florida Surf Museum. Grind for Life is a cancer support group whose mission is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families as they travel long distances to doctors and hospitals.

The Florida Surf Museum, established 19 years ago, preserves and documents all aspects of Florida’s unique surfing history and culture, housing the heritage and traditions of the state’s surf community.

For those not ready to get on a surfboard on Christmas Eve, the annual Surfing Santas costume competition will be open to all entrants. Everyone can participate by dressing in the winter outfit of their choice, and prizes will be awarded to the winner of each division (babies, children, groups, men and women).

There are no specific costume guidelines, but attendees are kindly reminded that this is a family event. With hundreds of surfers and thousands of participants expected, Surfing Santas is a party not to be missed.

For more information on the event and where to stay along the Space Coast, visit SurfSantas.org