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‘We’ll survive this’; Virginia Beach event company opens DIY showroom

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — From large-scale parties to DIY, a Virginia Beach event-planning company has made quite the adjustment.

The folks at Premier Events in Virginia Beach have revamped their business model and opened a satellite showroom for party planners who like to do it themselves.

“We opened Celebrate because we have a huge inventory of items in our warehouse that tend to only come out when we book an event, something Premier Events is promoting or producing. So we thought these items should be available for other people for creative events as well,” said Patty Ritzi, President of Premier Events and Celebrate.

Celebrate is a DIY wedding and event design studio, a brainchild if you will, from their large-scale events company.

In a more intimate setting, people can rent the showroom for $49.99 and shop inventory, which includes linens, tables and chairs, custom lighting, and tents.

“Someone will make an appointment online and there is a small charge for the attendant to come and open the office. You will be greeted with hot chocolate chip cookies and non-alcoholic mimosas. You can come in, you can bring the granny doilies. , you can bring special items from your family. You can use any of the lanterns, sheets, candles, any items we have here in the warehouse to design your tablescape or design your entire event and then the items are available to rent – ​​you can pick them up and take them out or have them delivered,” Ritzi said.

According to IBISWorld, party planning has declined by around 9% over the past five years and even more in 2020. They found that business demand has declined due to economic uncertainty and weak corporate profits. .

Ritzi said she has been in business for 30 years and this is the first time she has had to open a separate location.

“It takes flexibility in this business to be in this industry, the hospitality industry at all. We’ve all learned to adapt parts of our business and we’ve learned to rearrange areas, which is one of the reasons of this studio,” she said.

Ritzi hopes Celebrate will meet people where they are right now.

“I’m determined, I’m tenacious, I have the support of a big family and we’re going to survive this,” Ritzi said.

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