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“Are you a fan of retro inspiration? Is your vagina?” asks Marie Lodi to Jezebel (in a publish that reads suspiciously as sponsored content material). The rationale she is asking is the re-emergence of a as soon as fashionable contraception methodology referred to as the diaphragm – a shallow silicone cup that’s inserted in opposition to a lady’s cervix earlier than intercourse to stop any semen to go. And the explanation I write on the diaphragms right here at Purpose? As a result of the USA Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) thinks that buying these items of rubber ought to require a prescription.

Remember the fact that the diaphragm doesn’t include hormones or medication of any type. It is actually only a fucking cup, despite the fact that it is designed to be inserted into the vagina to stop being pregnant. Within the previous days, requiring a prescription for diaphragms made sense, as they got here in several sizes and girls needed to be fitted by a health care provider. However the brand new diaphragm, offered underneath the Caya model, is a novel enterprise.

Even Jezebel commentators, typically pleased with the laws, appeared perplexed and upset by the scenario. “It is a plastic cup. Why would anybody want a prescription for this?” Wendi Muse questioned. “So ridiculous.”

“That is mainly a DivaCup for refraction of sperm,” wrote one other reviewer, referring to the silicone menstrual cups offered – with out a prescription – as a substitute for tampons. “I do not perceive why I can purchase a DivaCup from Entire Meals, however I am unable to take considered one of these infants.”

“Come on. The. Fuck. We,” commented yet one more. “Why is it solely on prescription?” It isn’t like we’ve not put stamps in our hoo-has perpetually. I am fairly certain we may determine that out. “

However, in fact, the prescription standing of the diaphragm has nothing to do with what girls are literally able to and / or want. Gynecologists, girls’s well being facilities, and Caya makers can all earn more money if the machine requires a prescription. Democrats do not care if it is prescription-only, as a result of then they’ll brag about how they’ve helped girls get “free” diaphragms by way of Obamacare. And social conservatives are usually reluctant to make any type of contraception extra available. As well as, the FDA regulate no matter it will probably get away with regulation. It won’t make sense that Caya is prescription-only, however that is sadly not stunning.

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