Why the team should acquire Cam Newton

Jarrett Stidham might not be ready to be a starting quarterback and Cam Newton would be a nice addition to the New England Patriots.

the New England Patriots have to deal with something they haven’t dealt with in some time. They have to find a new quarterback.

With Tom brady gone, the Patriots must decide who will be his replacement. A position that can only lead to failure. No one will be as tall as Tom brady.

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The immediate option would be Jarrett stidham. Bill Belichick and the Patriots must have had something in mind when they drafted him.

But I think Stidham may not be ready yet. Especially with the pressure that would be on him if he was the starting QB.

That’s why I think the Patriots need to bring someone in. Cam Newton situation with the Carolina Panthers makes him a perfect candidate.

Newton and Carolina seem to disagree with one side saying the other wants to leave. With Bridgewater Teddy Bear joining the Panthers, it’s pretty obvious Newton is about to come out.

If the Patriots are patient, they could sign Newton as a free agent. With the recent moves in New England, they should be able to afford Newton.

The Patriots can give Newton a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bill Belichick can offer him a proof deal and say with confidence that he can increase his value. Belichick praised Cam Newton before.

Joining the Patriots would be a great opportunity for Newton. He has been struggling for the past 4 years but still has potential. He is only 30 years old.

When he was at his best, Newton was the league’s MVP. He could run to prolong the games and also had a large arm.

If Newton ended up in New England, he could become a better passer. He probably wouldn’t run as much due to Newton’s injuries.

With Newton and Belichick in New England, I think the Patriots could be competitive. Cam is still talented and Belichick should be able to find the right pattern for the QB.

So I would like to see Cam Newton in Patriots uniform.

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